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snakes, caucasians who think their shit doesn't stink, and a staff that is made up of former (and current) crackheads, nerds, ancient dinosaurs, and the young ones who just can't seem to update grades until the last day of the semester. brea olinda high school is not only less than mediocre, but at the top of hill where the teachers have no idea what to do in an emergency. known as the wildcats, many of bohs' residents wake up in the morning, ready to face a day of the wrestling coach dragging kids out of class for drugs, girls spraying more perfume than their body weight, and getting in mile long lunch lines (which take up about fifteen minutes of a twenty minute lunch break.) stereotypical? nope. instead of jocks, cheerleaders, and nerds, we have mexicans who are part of "blood" and "crip" gangs, the kids that color their hair because they think it's edgy, the ones that talk about bottom text memes, the ones who talk about offensive memes, the group of freshman that were earlier known as the "skater squad"(only because they went to active once, and rode a penny board in the seventh grade.) a few kids that tried to get famous, the choir kids, who have to make it obvious that "i can't, i have choir rehearsal" every day, even on holidays? okay. the cheerleaders who go through the loss of a team member every three weeks, and the seniors who everyone knows because they were in asb or link crew at some point. hell isn't underground, it's on a hill, in a canyon.
brea olinda high school? the one full of privileged whites who think racism is funny? okay! i know that school!

brea olinda high school (2016/17) is a school that understands that they're the only people on earth, and that degrading yourself is the way to be cool. 😎
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by current bohs student. March 11, 2017
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