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A strike with the hand, usually the palm, against the back of someone's head. It is used to get the attention of the victim, especially for disciplinary purposes.
When properly executed, a brain duster causes no damage and little to no lasting pain, but does immediately capture the target's attention.
The boy was throwing a tantrum in the middle of the grocery store, so his mother gave him a brain duster and told him to behave.
by katboh October 12, 2005
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(noun) Canned air used primaily to clear your keyboard from dust. Used as an inhalant it is known as Brain Duster. User will experience a feeling of blacking out. Use over a long time in a single sitting user WILL hallucinate.
Joe "man i'm all out of beer"
Moe "it's okay man, i've got some Brain Duster"
by BoJiggles September 04, 2006
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