brahn is a guy who you can always count on, for example on a night out he’ll always be as drunk as you are. He’s very talkative and you can do both, talk shit and philosophize with him.
when it comes to girls, brahn is a very picky guy. but if you are lucky enough and he falls in love with you, he will do anything to make you happy and he’ll appreciate you and won’t take you for granted.

all in all he is an amazing friend and boyfriend
‘let’s invite brahn , then the party will be awesome!’

‘i’ve dated to many cunts now, i’d really appreciate a brahn again!’
by egg rolls November 07, 2017
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The morbidly obeice mother of the beautiful Princess Garnet in Final Fantasy IX. Naturally she isnt the legitimate mother. Brahne turns bad but is killed by Kuja who turns her own summon against her by using the Invincible (an airship).
That elephant woman Brahne is here again!

OMG, Brahne is hawwwt. Almost as hawt as Quina!
by Adelbert Steiner March 20, 2008
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