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The boys or "bros" , rather, that essentially own Ridge High School through their basic qualities of chill, that graduate in the class of 2009, hence the name "br09". This group performs acts such as partying just about every weekend, getting away with whatever the hell they want in class, bringing whistles to school and blowing them during passing time to aggrivate underclassmen that can't do a thing about it, vandalizing stop signs around town, dressing up as bloods during spirit week, owning the pathetic students at Montgomery High School at sporting events, and just plain being leet. A large portion of the members happen to play football hockey or lacrosse, and some students of the class of 09 are bros by default but not part of the actual br09 activities. Girls want them, Guys want to be them, and the class of '11 is actually starting to think they can replace them (not leet). 2009 is officially the year of the bros, and they'll make sure everybody knows it.
Sophomore 1: OMG we should call ourselves CHI11 C1TY so sweet we could t0taLly rUl3 the sCh0ol!
Sophomore 2: No Way! That's just a rip off of the br09 we could never live up to that!
by kidd91 January 24, 2009
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