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A girl (or guy) who, makes their life revolve around their current boyfriend. Will add their name all over their myspace profile and or Aim buddy profile, followed or preceded by "<3"
Boy:Wow get off the internet don't you have a life?
Girl: Yeah i have a life, i'm waiting for him to get off work.
Boy:You're such a boyfriendaholic
Girl: i love my bby chris<3
by Kable59 April 13, 2008
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girl who dates a boy, then wants someone else and regularly changes within his circle of friends.
OMG! Nicole is a boyfriend-aholic, first she tapped Bryce, then got tired of him, then got on his Best Friend Chris (just for kicks), Then Chris' best friend Jesse, and now she's ridding on Jesse's roomates bullet bike. WTF WHORE
by Madison143 May 20, 2008
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