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when your train of thought is disrupted by a beautiful woman walking by and you can't finish your sentence and or work. when you have pussy on the brain... for a little or all day.
"I haven't done any work this week they moved my cube next to the hottest puma..... i have a serious case of boxbrain"
by mrbackwerds September 25, 2007
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the term that is used by "box workers" which means that you work in a small working environment, usually a small family owned business where as you have multiple tasks to handle at one time all of the time and you often find yourself confused.

simliar to the term "baby brain" in which you make senseless mistakes because you are you are overworked and juggling multiple tasks at one time.

also know as shoving circles into triangles
My husband, my employees, my customers all expect me to get their project done "right now" and I've mixed each of these projects up from box brain.
by StacySuperBoxWorker June 27, 2011
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