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A box of herbs refers to a particular mood relating to feeling useless, confusion or similar nondescript states. Originating from early herbal pharmaceutical remedies which showed little efficacy, the 'box of herbs' (alt. phrasing- 'box o' herbs') has evolved from medical terminology, into every day speech/slang. When one feels like a 'box of herbs', they are conveying a sense of uselessness, often feeling like they are at a crossroad in their life, with difficult decisions to chose from on each corner. This feeling is followed by confusion, depression, and the occasional polyphagia. The 'box of herbs' mental state is often very difficult to handle, and perplexing for people suffering from psychosomatic indecisiveness. Some effective remedies for feeling like a box of herbs are group decision making and deep thought. Often, only time will replace this feeling with easier to handle emotions, such as feeling like a 'box of birds'.

The negative connotation associated with the phrase 'box of herbs' has lent itself to alternate interpretations. It is not uncommon to find 'box of herbs' referring to any number of negative emotional states.
friend 1:"Good times, bad times?"

friend 2:"I don't know what I'm doing with my life. I feel like a box of herbs."

friend 1:" much do you bench?"
by a_c_e October 11, 2007
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