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1) Noun - A humourous tribal dance , which is revered in London night spots. The dance requires the dancer to recite the Neil Diamond line: 'Sweet Caroline', but replace 'Caroline!' to form: 'Sweet Boulahrouz!'. More often than not, sung in the 'Club' style imortalised by Vic Reeves.

The dancer then steps forwards, tapping their feet, and while holding their hands near to their shoulders, shakes them in time to the music. They proceed to join the other dancers, and the result is usually euphoric.

The dance can also be a simple form of greeting.

2) Descriptive of a quality of cannabis that can urge the smoker to gleefully declare: 'Sweet Boulahrouz!'

3) Verb - The art of falling on one's arse after being dazzled by the footwork of an Irishman. Used regularly to describe any metphorical slip-up or stinker.
"Did you see those cunts Sweet Boulahrouzing?"

"Sweet Boulahrouz!. That herb has fucking cained me"

"Aparantly she woke up next to him and had puked all over the bed!"

"Yea, a definate Boulahrouz"
by Djani November 29, 2006
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