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Making contact with parked cars during the course of parallel parking. Referencing the typical lack of courtesy that makes Bostonians and other Masshole motorists famous.
That Masshole parked his minivan over the white line. I'll pull into the space next to him, but he's gonna get the Boston Bump.
by The_Pip May 08, 2007
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boston bumps is a very slutty game where a group of people grab a piece of paper with a random number on it from a large bowl. that number is their number for the entire game. one person is blindfolded and a random number is called. The blindfolded person gets three touches to try to figure out who the selected person was. the game keeps continueing and its hilarious to see who guesses horribly off and who is touched where. this game is by far the funniest game ever.
Dude #1: hey bro how did YOU get with that hot blonde?

Dude #2: dude one game of boston bumps and i knew she was sexy so i hooked up with her after we felt eachother up in the game

Dude #1: thats soo unfair bro

Dude #2: well this sluts mine!
by sexy ellie July 16, 2011
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