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Boreout (or Boredom Burnout Syndrome) is a psychological disorder that causes both mental and physical illness. On the psychological level, boredom, dissatisfaction and permanent frustration gradually lead the victim of burnout into a vicious circle. It gradually loses the will to act at the professional level and at the personal level. To the loss of self-esteem, is added the constant anxiety of being discovered. The burnout victim lives with the constant fear that his supervisor, his colleagues and even his friends will discover his inactivity and his duplicity. A state of constant sadness takes hold of the employee provoking crises of tears for no particular reason. Being constantly confronted with the emptiness of his professional life and his uselessness in society, the employee is in great pain. Suffering all the more accentuated that it can not be shared and if it is, is not understood. Boreout is also a trigger for physical diseases such as certain types of epilepsy caused by stress or exhaustion, severe sleep disorders, hand and voice tremors, shingles and ulcers.
Boreout consists of three elements: boredom, lack of challenge, and lack of interest.”
by yyuryyubicuryy4me July 18, 2018
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