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Porcelænsglas is a danish word most commonly used in conjunction with bordplaner, and the sentence "bordplan og porcelænsglas" roughly translates into "seating chart and glasses of porcelain". However, the sentence also refers to doing cocaine on the naked body of a prostitute.

The word "bordplaner" gives associations to something lying on a table (a woman or a prostitute).

In the word porcelænsglas the 'porcelæn' gives association to something white (cocaine) and 'glas' to a mirror which is commonly used for lining up the cocaine.
"In the middle of an organizational chaos, I have chosen not to have 'bordplaner og porcelænsglas'."

"WOW, there was nothing about 'bordplaner og porcelænsglas' in the invitation. I would have gotten here earlier then!"

"I hope there will be a 'bordplan og porcelænsglas' soon, or I am out of here."
by DoktorRandolph March 20, 2013
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