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noun, adjective or interjection

The elated sensation one receives after tasting a well prepared alcoholic drink.

Typically a physical feeling, but can be spiritual or emotional.
"Damn! This Caribou Lou is giving me boozegumps! It's so good! I can't even taste the 151 or Malibu rum!"

"This Caribou Lou is boozegumps!"
or simply, "booooozegumps!"
or "Dat's the 'gumps"
by niesser March 04, 2009
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A bodily function in which an external text can have an unconscious effect on oneself causing a physical inherent protect on the skin. Forming ridges and causing hair to stand up, paired with the heightened emotions due to alcohol
shaun is no longer able to experience booze gumps due to his stunted tolerance
by Takethepissoutofshaun July 12, 2017
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