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(booz-faag), noun
Etymology: originated as misheard version of douchebag.
Any male who displays several of the following traits: popped collar on pastel-coloured polo shirt; diamond stud earing; camoflage cargo shorts; flip-flops; large, designer sunglasses with white frames (most commonly seen on top of head); shell necklace; intent to pick up girls who are illegally and/or immorally young; has called at least five different people a fag in the last 30 minutes.
Guy 1: Hey fucker are you going to that high school dance this weekend!? Should be some pussy!
Guy 2: No man I'm probably going to to dress like an adult and hang out with girls my own age.
Guy 1: Faggot!
Guy 2 (under breath): Boozefag.
by ensomp September 29, 2009
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