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A skinhead or resembling a skinhead by way of the skinhead's preferred clothing and style, in particular the boots, rather than the obligatory short hair cut or crop. Synonymous with skinhead, informal
Although his hair was shoulder length his skinhead like posturing, bleached jeans and steel capped boots identified him as a bootboy.
by Rev. Gonad September 22, 2003
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football hooligan from the early 70s in the uk
most where skinheads or suede heads
boot boys had nothing to do with racism
though american neo nazis now pretend that they are :boot boys, boot girls;

boot boys / girls fought each other at uk football grounds....wore army boots
/ steel toe boots /later wore doc mart boots
bootboy bootgirl = brit cult
its impossible to be an american and be a boot boy / boot girl
as america had no football clubs
and no footy hooligans/
also it must be remembered that america
had no youth cults so they had to steal ones from the uk
by marleyb March 17, 2004
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In England, longer haired skinheads who where mostly involved in hooliganism. Listened to more Soul and Glam than the Original skins, but coexisted with more skinheadesqe boot boys at the time, and even still listened to dub and reggae of the past. With the rise of English punk rock (an american culture) many boot boys wore higher boots and dressed more ragged, listening to punk bands, and boot boys who opposed this cross became skinheads again, rejoining the few skinheads that remained.

In America, boot boys where synonymous with skinheads who listened to Oi! and punk music(while only describing the skinheads who where large parts of the punk rock community), and dressed in a mix of traditional skinhead clothing (braces, boots, jeans) while mixing it with more punk fashion (or at least a little; wife beaters, t-shirts, piercings). While many skinheads in America today remain that way, there is no longer a distinction between the two, although many have conflicting styles and preferences counter to the traditional skinhead persona, just like in england.

Furthermore, many boot boys are distasteful towards hippies, just like skinheads and punks are, and have morphed into a sort of punk-rock skinhead rather than a skinhead at all. The bootboys thirty to forty years ago would be considered Original Skinhead/smoothie compared to the cult today.
Skinhead #1: fucking bill, I can't get him to listen to any reggae at all with me!

Skinhead #2: yeah, mate! he's one of them boot boys, he is!

Skinhead #1: Is he?

American Skinhead: Yeah, he doesn't own a single tile of Fred Perry or Ben Sherman, or Lonsdale... But shit, he's still good to have beers with!

Skinhead #1: yeah, I guess! He does have a taste in Oi, but I always wondered why he never wore a Sherman or why his boots where always 14i's over his jeans...

American Skinhead: Yeah, but shit, who cares, may as well be a skinhead, he's good with us!
by PAINipples December 08, 2010
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