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Found primarily in wooded or rural areas, the group of kids at a party (usually male, but the occasional female may also be included) who are wearing boots, although the terrain at the party location does not require such. These partygoers usually show up in one or more pickup trucks, flaunt camouflage or outdoor related clothes, carhardt brand jackets, and dirty worn out blue jeans. These people are generally unwelcome at most parties because of the loud yelping sounds they emit, the lame conversation thy produce (about trucks, hunting, guns, tires, etc), and most of all their dislike of marijuana, because it is a "drug" and drinking an entire case of beer is much better than consuming a drug to them. These are usually the kids who pick fights for no reason, spit on the floor (from chewing snuff), and make fun of partygoers who are dressed in "city boy" clothing.
Mark: dude how was that party last night?
Ben: it was great until the boot squad showed up and threw a beer can through the window, and spun mud all over my Volvo with their 36 inch tires.
by greenstufflit June 24, 2011
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