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Included in the song "whipe me down" by lil boosie. Lil boosie songs " B-O-O-S-I-E B-A-D-A-Z-Z that's me. whipe me down."
A true boosie bad azz is someone who is 100% badass, does whatever the fuck they want and gets fucking wasted every night. You have to be really fucking hardcore to be a genuine boosie badass.

It is commonly misspeslled as "boosie bad azz". but its with TWO Z's!
Example 1:
Ryan: Are you going to that party tonight?
Emily: No, it's at chuck e. cheese.
Ryan: What. you too boosie bad azz for that?

example 2:
boy 1:" i got so crunk in the club last night. i saw so fucking wasted"
boy 2: "damn, thats so boosie bad azz"
by newman2011 November 13, 2007
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