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Boondock Taints is exactly the same in everyway as the cult classic movie Boondock Saints, except for a few minor differences. For one, all the actors are replaced by their taints; that is, the anatomical area found between the scrotum and the bottom. The phrase, "I'll go all Boondock Saints on yo ass" meaning you will give them a thorough beating is replaced by, "I'm gonna kick you all in the taints. The Boondock Taints." This is self-explanatory.

Boondock Taints is perhaps one of the most thematic, gritty and hard-hitting films featuring taints that you will ever be likely to see.
"WE COULD KILL EVERY ONE. Yeah, with our taints. We'll smother them."

after seeing Boondock Taints--"Dude, I wanna kick people in the taints."
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