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A book job is, quite simply, fellatio in which one member of the act is also reading a book. A book job is also known as literahead.
Person 1 - "Awww man, I can't wait for tonight, my girl's gonna be giving me a book job."
Person 2 - "Sweet, what are you gonna be reading?"
Person 1 - "I thought parts of 1984 would be appropriate."
by dan.s September 29, 2008
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When a guy pays a girl to give him private lessons on something for school.
Guy: "Damn dude how'd you get an A on that reading test? It was hard as shit"
Guy 2: "I asked that girl Fabiola to give me a quick bookjob before class, it only cost me 5 bucks."
by matthew4D November 06, 2012
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