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it can mean anything. boobsmoob can be used as any part of speech. usually it is used to say how ridiculous something is.
Dude you are such a boobsmoob!!

I was totally boobsmoobing at the party last night.
by Finnegan Mcgahey March 20, 2008
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Boob smoob is a word used for absolutly anything, it doesnt mean anything, but it also means everything and can be used as any part of speech or made into any form you can think of i.e., boob smoobitude, boob smoobin, booby smooby, boob smoobish. Commonly referring to penis's, clothes, or cars. It can also be used to describe someone, as in that person is pretty boob smoobin.
That term paper had a very intriguing boob smoobitude., Did you rememeber to bring your boob smoob?, OH OH OH! BOOB SMOOB ME HARDER!
by Stombaugh April 13, 2008
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