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a ghost or spirit that lurks around your house looking for someone to ride and take your skin. you may feel some weight on your back. They can enter through cracks in the wall or small crevices. The only way to get ride of it is to burn it by putting some needles in a jar and a little bit of dry skin, sleeping with a fork under your pillow, putting a broom by your door boohags will stop and count the straws,and putting a gun next to your bed boo hags can't stand the smell of gun powder.Boo hags will steel your skin and take your breath so you cant talk out or scream. So when you wake up you might feel light headed or weak.
There was a boo hag riding me last night; Get off of me boo hag;
by makaila capehart February 21, 2009
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Verb: To schlep around the house in sweats or other lazy, comfortable clothes. Unkempt appearance, outsized clothing or violently wrinkled apparel.

Boohagging is the act of Boohag.
Joe just planned to Boohag around the house today.
by TheMachineWizard October 03, 2012
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To loaf about, in pajamas, slippers, etc., on a day that a person could or should be more productive but, instead chooses to relax, and shirk responsibility. To purposely spend the entire day looking as if you just awoke. This is what it means to boo hag, or to be a boo hag.

Dion spent the entire weekend dressed in only a bathrobe , dirty tee shirt, and slippers. He ate cereal out of the box, chatted on the phone, and became a serious boo hag.

Peter Gibbons, played by actor Ron Livingston in 1999's "Office Space" is a perfect example of a boo hag; as is, Jeffrey Lebowski, aka,'The Dude', in the Coen brothers film "The Big Lebowski".

Dressed in pj's, bathrobe, and slippers, these two characters waste time, while looking terribly relaxed when they should seem more concerned about their circumstances.
by aeromancer13 December 18, 2008
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