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bonnie jeanne

A Scottish Lass. Enjoys dancing and the blowing of the wind. She delivers only excellence in the trade of cat milking. Bottling the milk and drops the bottles off on the door steps of under privileged families in nearby villages. I am sure someone of her nature would feel very satisfied knowing more and more people will enjoy the pleasant taste of lucky charms with added feline milk. Walking through the woods late at night she may be found howling at the Moon. Celebrating, always. Enjoys the bagpipes. Likes to be naked - especially in the forest.
Jack- I was awoken last night by some howling and when I looked outside there was a naked lass prancing through the field.

Johnathan- Oh, that's just bonnie jeanne. She gallivants through my neck of the woods sometimes too.
by GlassEyeLady May 13, 2010
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