a random exclamation used by one about to kill somebody violently
PERSON1:i like it when you cum in my ass but i like it better when you tie your penis to a rope and pull on it like a puppeteer while your homies cum in my ass. you smell bad.
PERSON2:bone check motherfucker!

PERSON1 is now punched, kicked, stomped, and stabbed to death by PERSON2.
by TheRealNinjaMike September 09, 2004
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1>when you check your supposively boneless chicken for bones by stabbing it repeatedly with a knife

2>when one football player hits another really hard
1> Ryan (staring at his chicken) "Bone check mother fucker bone check"

2> LT just bone checked Theisman
by KDoss July 28, 2005
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term used in the stabbing of another.
upon seeing person B, person A screams, "bone check" foo!. and proceeds to stab him, once, twice, or thirty times
by El Negro September 11, 2004
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The act of open-hand swattage of the groin area on a guy coming towards you. If the person is guilty of boneage, then the force shoves the boner into the guy thus resulting in motionlessness, pain and pwnage.
guy 1: (coming towards you) "sup dude!"
guy 2: (you) "nuttin........BONE CHECK!!!" *swattage*
guy 1: awwwwwwwwwwwwwww............fag!
by K@B00$3 December 09, 2006
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