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bonatosis is an illness that occurs when one has lack of sexual intercourse. The time taken to develop this illness varies to each individual needs. The symptoms of bonatosis include being slightly less unsociable than one without bonatosis and frequent mood swings.
Example 1: Guy without bonatosis: "hey man, whats up with you? You've been grumpy all day!"
Guy with bonatosis: "I need to bone, its been a few weeks. I think im getting bonatosis"

Example 2: Guy without bonatosis: "Hey man, whats up? why are you so quite?"
Guy with bonatosis: "Nothing just go away"
Guy without bonatosis: "Come on whats up? You're never usually this quite"
Guy with bonatosis: "Nothing, I'm going to my room for 10 mins"
Guy without bonatosis mutters: "he must have bonatosis..."
by bonatosis February 21, 2011
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