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A term used to describe a person who thinks he is a man amongst boys. Often quiet, yet makes the occasional side comment; rather he is laughed at then laughed with. Usually resorts to irrelevant sarcasm. Someone who is not self confident about their sexuality, and points out those who aren't straight shooters in a homophobic manner. When trying to make jokes, he attempts to impersonate but fails in utter disgrace.

Generally speaking, a self conscious person who awkwardly makes fun of others to compensate for something in their own life (mostly small penis if male).
person 1: (sees two guys talking) Hey! going to make a sexy time? (accompanied by awkward hand gesture) See you fucking queers later. (walks away with a semi)

Person 2: Wow thats a bombarbitch if I've ever seen one.
by Pengina lantern November 01, 2011
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