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The name of a character who frequents the online multiplayer games Lineage 2, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield, etc.

This guy is a well known greifer who will stop at nothing to enrage other players. He is most well known in the private Lineage 2 server "Paradise" aka "L2P" and is the posterboy for pk'ing (player killing in unprovoked pvp where the other player does not have a chance to fight back or will not fight back) and insulting the administration by pointing out their shortcomings and failures.

Also he has recently made a notible appearance in the online fps Battlefield 2142 by using the bj-12 combat knife as his main weapon and collecting the dogtags of everybody on the opposing team in each round of play in every server he plays in.

He very frequently uses the words pwnd , wtfpwnd, fuck fag, faggot, bitch, and mofopwnd to insult people who either kill him or he kills.
You will be driving along in a tank or walker in battlefield 2142 and all of a sudden a car rams you and blows up and kills you, shortly after followed by "Bitch you got mofopwnd" in the chat box.

other examples are:

"Bojokomofo pwns all", "Bow before the Bojokomofo"
by Nick Dreisbach December 04, 2006
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