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Bohge is a verb, noun,adjective, its everything
Bohge the act of being, in a drunk state. Usually when you are a Bohge, you go around injuring other people or you get injured from freakish accidents. Boeging is the action of Bohge. In some scenarios The Bohge can be a weird hand gesture.
You can also describe one's sense of direction, Bohge navigation system(BNS) meaning that the GPS is acting drunk and retarded.

Syn: Nothing can describe a Bohge
The bohge is kicking down doors again.
You are so Bohgingly stupid
Stop being such a bohge
Shut the fuck up Bohge
Im gonna bohge you in the face
My Bohge is bigger than yours
He got lost because of his Bohge navigation system.
The Bohge rolled down a flank of stairs. Hope the stairs aren't broken.
The Bohged up police officer gave me a ticket.
by JewBlacka September 05, 2011
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