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Bobbieanna is kind,sweet,funny and can be to playful at time. Bobbieanna have a gifted and talent. Bobbieanna are fighters but can be there to depend on at all times bobbieanna fall in love easy and will do whatever it take to make it right with there love one also faithful and dislike cheaters . Only be in love with one person and would make it last for as long as they could . They are friendly ,dancers , and a crybaby like to have it there way and have a lot of friends . Can be mean at some point but feelings can get hurt easily. If yuh don't have a bobbieanna in your life you are missing out on alot of good things .
Bobbieanna is so gorgeous I love her !

Bobbieanna is going to be with me forever .
by Bomo loveforever January 19, 2014
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