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Bobalna is a term widely used to describe any type of large group going headstrong into a battle. Generally this large group consistes out of 1 very psichotic suicidal dude that feels the need to go alone into a large oposing group and several other members that generally go in to save him, although to late.These suicidal mainiacs that go headstrong and actually start the hole "bobalna" generally shout out their very influencial and catchy names before charging with stupidity into battle.This suicidal maniac is generally of high rank in the group although never the wise leader.
"Leader:Prepare to atack the enemys, before we go we must compose a genious plan, because that is the only way we can winn as they outnumber us 3 to 1"
"Suicidal maniac(named Leeroy Jenkins):Alright ...we dont need a plan ... just go bobalna!!! LEEEROOOOOOOYYYYY JEEEENNNKIIIINNSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Other group members: LEEROY wait u idiot !!"
by DADDUUDDEE February 02, 2008
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