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A completely SAFE and LEGAL beverage made from sugar, sprite, and antifreeze. Optional ingredients include skittles, vinegar, or filtration through a coffee filter. The new craze for teens in white suburban areas who can't gain access to codeine for purple drank. Styrofoam cups or mason jars or suggested but not required to enjoy.

Teen tested. Mom approved. Bluepurp.
Bluepurp safely stimulates the presynaptic neuron to produce more acetylhydrolase, a chemical that catalyzes the break down of acetylcholine. The influx of acetylcholine amplifies the motor neurons, causing the "high" feeling. --American Public Health Association

Nothing beats a ice-cold jar of blurp with the boys on Friday night.
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A drink that many are calling the "new lean", said to produce a high, through the mixture of sugar, antifreeze, and Sprite.
Person 1: Shit man iz dat purple drank?
Person 2: naw man dis BLUEPURP, makes you wired as a muthafucka, fuck dat pussy ass lean
by PurpBluMan April 16, 2018
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A deadly cocktail of antifreeze, sugar, and Sprite. Some fun people and totally not trolls trying to kill idiots tried to get the concoction to trend sometime in early 2018.
Person A: "Hey, did you get some alcohol??"
Person B: " No. I couldn't get any. But we can drink Bluepurp. It's awesome. You can make it from stuff in your garage."
Person A: "Sounds good. I'll bring the Tide Pods."
by AwildBJfanAPPEARS June 12, 2018
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