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A blue spider is trick all the experienced players play on the noobs online in the xbox game Halo. The experienced player (usually a jerk) asks someone they feel is new to Halo if they wanna see a blue spider. This question is usually asked in the context "hey you wanna see a blue spider?" The inexperienced player reluctantly agress having no idea what a blue spider is and what is going to happen. Then the experienced player proceeds to throw a plasma grenade on the face of the other player. These grenades are blue and stick to organic objects, hence the name blue spider. The grenade explodes shortly after it has been thrown. This results in a gratifying kill for the one who threw it, and a humiliating defeat for the one killed. Anyone who fall for the blue spider trick online is immediately labeled as a noob.
PRO: hey kid you wanna see a blue spider?
NOOB: ahh...sure?
(Pro proceeds to throw a plasma grenade on the noobs face)
NOOB: WOW you dick!
(Noob dies a humiliating death for all to see, causing him to be labeled as a nublet)
PRO: HAHAHAHAHA you fucking noob!!!!
OTHER PEOPLE IN THE ROOM: Wow that nub fell for the blue spider trick what a fucking noob!
(Noob is then booted from the game for simply being a noob
by IS I ECHO I July 02, 2007
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