The most annoying type of comedy, ever. Spawned the hellishly annoying phrase "Git 'er done!"
People who enjoy blue collar comedy are typically rednecks who don't realize they are being paid to be made fun of.
by Geegeeaich June 9, 2005
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Consisting of the Blue Collar Tour and Blue Collar TV, the Blue Collar Comedy is highly entertaining comedy created by a group of brilliant comedians.

The Blue Collar Comedy Tour 1, 2 and 3 are the most precious, with comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy and Ron White.

Blue Collar 4: The Next Generation is hosted by Bill Engvall, but the 4 younger comedians hardly got the crowd going.

Blue Collar TV was filmed after the Comedy Tour and has only 3 of the top comedians, though Ron White does appear in 2 or 3 episodes. Ron decided not to participate because, and I quote, "he had a lot of quit in him".
Featured Comedians in the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

Jeff Foxworhy: "If you think loading the dishwasher means getting your wife drunk, you might be a redneck."

Bill Engvall: "A trucker got his rig caught under a low overpass and a cop comes along. 'You get your rig stuck?' 'Nope,' says the trucker. 'I was delivering this overpass and ran out of gas. Here's your sign."

Larry the Cable Guy: "Git-R-Done!"

Ron White: "They call me Tatersalad."
by BlueCollarFan23 May 26, 2009
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