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When you are fucking a fat chick preferably substituting the vagina with other parts of the body such as double/triple/quadruple chin, backfat, belly rolls, armpit flub, tricep jiggle, and back of knee danglejiggle. Tittyfucking works as well but it must be under the titty and not between them, otherwise that's just tittyfucking plain and simple.
Joey : Dude last night I walked in on you with some whale what the fuck was that? Did you pound her out?

Spencer : Yeah but I couldn't find her vaj so I just started blubber blasting the shit out that whale. Pits to chinny, then I just started fucking the rolls all over that beast, it was interesting to say the least.

Joey: (vomit) ..... I guess you were warm?.... (vomit)
by poonjammerslammer October 26, 2011
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