When something annoys, aggravates, disturbs or gets on your nerves or ruins your good mood.

Past Tense: Blew my shit
Present Tense: Blowing my shit
Alternate: Blowin mine
He just wouldn't get off my case about it and just shut up like for real all he do is *blow my shit*

Bruh my moms just wouldnt stop blowing up my phone while I'm at my boy house she really *blowin mine* right now
by xYsoCereal June 16, 2021
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It Means you erking like someone is doing something that's making them mad or look at you like defuq?
Ahaaaa you ugly assel in that picture!! Gtfoh you really Blowing my shit like bye.
by PrincessNenašŸ‘‘ April 25, 2015
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