Web Log Bollocks. Writings in a 'blog' which are painfully earnest and naive, self-involved and self-important or are of a pretentious and pseudo-intellectual bent. Blogocks is bad writing that would not be available to the public if ‘blogs’ and is a style of writing that is particularly self-important and pompous.
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Edit: I forgot to add this: It's been forty one days since I've been in London (people get less for murder! etc etc). I still haven't settled in properly but when I was last living here I never got settled either. I was constantly feeling displaced and I had horrible nightmares about it (until I learned lucid dreaming, but that also coincided with permanently returning to Leeds). Things are better this time though. Apart from a couple of weeks in September money hasn't been much of an issue, and my rent is paid 'til January too (although I have a bill that I really, really need to pay off soon or they'll start screaming at me and threatening nasty court action. Must ring them at some point). I like not having a job (clearly) but I could definitely do with attending more lectures since I've really let it slip the past two weeks. I feel like I'm easing into a new social group fairly well, although I need to get in touch with the friends I had here before. I need to explore Greenwich more too (but obviously not Deptford, which is scary and evil), and there's plenty of museums I'd like to visit, especially since they're free now (they weren't when I last here. Yay Tony Blair). Must stop whining about being single though.

and t'other

The last ever episode of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' might have made me sad but it did not disappoint. Instead it demonstrated why over its seven year arc the programme remained the most interesting thing on television.

Buffy represented a conscious effort to create a female superhero(ine), but it was much more subversive than 'Wonderwoman' with better clothes and a sense of humour. The classic male superheroes have tended to be brooding loners wrestling with their isolation and their egos. The cult of the superman, whether in its Nietzche or Clark Kent form, has always had a fascistic side - the ubermensch flying high above the powerless masses.
by Skitster November 4, 2004
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