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A person that visits blogs (especially tech blogs) and knowingly responds to questions incorrectly to fish out the correct response from others. What the respondents do not realize is that the original poster put clues in the original post to suggest that they already knew the answer. The ensuing respondents may be wise to the answer, but they have proven themselves idiots for missing the original poster's intent.
OP: Wow. Really? I had no idea that Army of Darkness was basically Evil Dead 3. No idea at all.
Responder 1: Yes, Army of Darkness was released after ED 2. It is a sequel.
Responder 2: You are an idiot. Of course AoD was basically ED3. Welcome to 1992!
Responder: 3: You lose 1 Internets sir.
Responder 4: I love it when a blogfisher like you calls out the morons. Well played sir.
by Rudester April 25, 2013
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