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A Sentient blob of person shaped misery (BOPSM) is often used to describe a person of a minimal existence. This person is often a drain on those around them and can suck the "fun" out of any situation. They find it extremely difficult to succeed in their daily doings and in turn take out this frustration by draining the energy of those around them.
Adam: Lets get fucking drunk!
Mike: naw, i got hw.. and a meeting and then another meeting. whateva.
Adam: Mike, your a bitch.
Mike:well i dont know what im doing tonight.
Adam: I am trying to make plans with you... that is what your doing tonight?
Mike: well ill let you know... i might work or something or have to have dinner with my family or something. im a loser.
Adam: fuck your just a blob of person shaped misery
by agarts1 January 12, 2011
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