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The idea or act of shipping two Asian, muppet looking sextuplets together romantically. Has to do with the quirky, single, hopeless star sextuplets of beloved anime Mr. Osomatsu. It’s also hell on earth and hated by those who have the tiniest bit of logic left in their brain. Tears apart the common sense and innocence of all who come across it, leaving them to suffer with the thought of two improper NEETS, who, yes, are related by blood, making love in their mind for the rest of their... pathetic... little... lives.

I fucking hate my life.
Blmatsu is absolute cancer that has infested my brain, may it now and forever impregnate my thoughts with a million spider babies and grown men in schoolgirl outfits and thongs. Kill me lmao-
by cici.trashcan June 16, 2018
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