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A term to describe a person, or situation, so gross even bleach could not remove the filth from one's own genitals. Alternately used to imply sex with such a nasty person would almost certainly bestow various STDs upon oneself; a statement of both loose promiscuity and disturbingly bad hygiene.
Guy 1: "Mannn, did you see that drunk girl at the party? She was all over everyone the whole time"
Guy 2: "Yeah, she was gettin it from so many people I think the dog even got a swing, I ain't tryin' to get bleach dick"

Guy: "That girl looks so nasty I got bleach dick just from locking eyes with her"

Guy 1: "I asked that chick out, and she said yes!"
Guy 2: "Who, bleach dick over there? Joke's on you, that girl's like herpes' ratchet outta town cousin! Ain't no cure for it!"

Girl (to girl friend): "Look, you're being a total bleach dick about this. I just wanted a ride to soccer practice."

Guy 1: "I got laid! It was that chick from the party"
Guy 2: "Me too! Same girl!"
Guy 3: "Do you guys want a ride to the doctor, or are you just gonna scrub each other's bleach dicks?"
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by shenoah May 25, 2016
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