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A group on myspace that specializes in diversity. The owner claims its a diverse group but a majority of the group consists of African Americans (Some people from bkkwd (black killer kids who disco) make up at least 50 percent or 40 percent of the group.)

It's not focused on looks as much and it's way more active than most perfection groups.

There is drama once in a while but it is all funny. its really interactive too. its different from other groups. For example, one of the many things it has is something called the gauntlet where people can nominate people to be kicked for a short while, if they get 10 votes. nobody really gets kicked though unless you are inactive. Other groups started following this method of deletions soon after. I got deleted for being inactive once but I rejoined and got back in. The owner is really nice.

Overall, it's a fun group and you should join. just google it.
omg you're in blaqk couture? so you think you're blaqk enough? roflz sike
by thecollector August 13, 2009
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