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Blake Theory is the theory wherein the female gender acts as a herd and follow in specific directions in their respective professional occupations. For example, in the public accounting world, the following are bound to happen -
a) New hires are pretty split between males and females but most of the people in the first three years are males. Most seniors then end up being female. But then they taper off by the Manager level, and the top of the corporate ladder is male-heavy.
b) Females gravitate toward audit and stay in it because they do not have the courage to quit, and more importantly, love the power they get as seniors where they get to boss people around since this will not likely happen in their homes.

Blake Theory was theorized by one of the most imminent scholars of our generation. His or her whereabouts and details shall remain anonymous for fear of feminists around the world.
Person X: Man, that senior is nuts. She pushes people around all day and takes her work way too seriously, but then whines about it.
Person Y: Yea man, Blake Theory, that's what they do
by Elliott Spitzer March 17, 2008
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