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A spotting of an unbelievable Ethiopian women that looks like a sex goddess that will make you ravenous.

At this point no matter how hard you try, you must attempt and pounce on this blainesite.

A blainesite contains luscious rounded tits with perfect sized nipples and is complemented by her bubbly ass clappers and splash of seduction with the look in her eyes.

However this blainesite's beauty does not stop there. Her gorgeous eyes that pierce your soul is accommodated with a perfect skin tone and with a beautiful face and flawless hair.

The temptation of pouncing on this blainesite however may be encountered with a terrifying family defense, such as the blainesite's father or brother.
Guy 1: Yo turn the fuck around!
Guy 2: Who is that? I've never felt this way before!!!
Guy 1: Bro, that girls a blainesite!
Guy 2: Holy shit! Lets bag her up and run, that level of perfect needs to be violated!
Guy 1: Slow down tiger, she's with her father and brother!
Guy 2: This is worse than divine cock blocking =/
by DMXWoofWoof June 26, 2011
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