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A small, seaside town boarding the ocean and Canada. Anyone and everyone here is too poor to afford to anything there except drown themselves in their freezing ass beaches. If you are one of the few middle class or rich people there everyone hates you except for the other rich and middle class people. A lot of people bang eachother but its usually just the ratchets exchanging their different types of herpes. The town is literally so old and small everyone here is related- so good luck trying not to do your second or third cousin. The whole town is filled with Canadian-Asains whose eyes are so tiny they cannot drive for shit. If you sold enough drugs to kids to buy yourself a new car- chances are those dumb Canadians will crash into it. Even the Canadians that moved south of the border to Blaine hate Canadians. Plus they buy up all the milk at any grocery store within driving distance. Good luck trying to buy milk. Also, mostly everyone here is a goody goody so goodluck trying to do ANYTHING fun. And their are only like 50 other kids your age so if you get into a fight with your bestfriend- you are not supplied with a new one.
That girl is so ratchet. She must be from Blaine, Washington.
by randomwapeople May 13, 2014
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