A hand gesture used daily on Jerry Springer and Sally where the guest shows his or her hand to the audience as if to say inbreeding is ok.
Usually accompanied by talk to the hand.
My daughter is out of control sally she bladows the neighbors her father the cat. Please help her.
Well here she is latisha. Lets give her a makeover.
by noodles the cat October 23, 2003
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When a guy asks out a girl and she says something to the effect of "Yeah, that would be great, just let me check my schedule." Then she gives the guy the run around for a week or so until she finally decides how to tell you she was never interested in the first place.
"Hey man, remember that girl I told you I had a date with this weekend?"
"Yeah dude, she's cute. Why?"
"Well she text me earlier today and bladowed me."
"That sucks bro."
by TheKMAatCU February 2, 2013
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