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This is when you are playing fifa and the opponent goes through on goal with no remaining defenders to prevent him from scoring. This is when you pick your closest black defender and sacrifice him to take the straight red card and bring the attacker to the ground. Thus, it is known as a blackrifice!
fuck sake ur going to score, your clean through unless i do blackrifice....titus bramble do your thing. cheers
by chrismccro November 20, 2010
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The lone black character in an action/horror/sci-fi movie who dies at the very beginning so that the white guys can get away. Or not even for that. He just dies pointlessly. Often made fun of in parody movies because of the sheer absurdity.
Oh, man, there's only one black guy in that group! You know what that means? Blackrifice!
by Harry O October 23, 2008
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