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It is when you black out during your blackout. For example you could be blacked out and yelling at a person and then 10 seconds later be completely calm with that person because your so blacked out you forgot you were angry at them. However in the morning you won't remember any of it and will have to piece it all together. Thus a blackout inception.
-Yo dude do you remember calling me twice super wasted last night?

-No man what did I say

-Well the first time you called you were super pissed and yelling at me because I was trying to hit on your sister. But then the second time you called like 5 minutes later you were like I am your best bro and said I was great guy because I have never have tried to hit on your sister.

-Oh Dude! I must have had blackout inception...wait you tried to hit on my sister last night?
by blacked out dude February 10, 2014
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