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blackize: the blasphemous practice of preaching, teaching or spreading non-Black falsehoods or figures in blackface; especially: teaching that the Hebrews were Black; Moses, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Paul, etc., we're Black; or portraying/depicting such non-Black figures as Black. (blackization; blackizer; blackizing)

We can regard the NEGRO tendency to blackize as yet another outgrowth of Psychonegrosis. We can attribute the coining of the phrase to historian Chancellor Williams, where he offered in his groundbreaking work:
"It will be going overboard to drown if we follow fanatics in attempting to "blackize" everything and everybody that suits their fancy. It is quite useless and unnecessary to try to make either Jesus Christ or the Prophet Mohammad "black" or even "coloured." However, the most important point to be noted in reference to the American Negro group, the "Lost Tribe of Israel" which landed there only to be rejected, is that it illustrates dramatically all that has been presented in these pages about those groups within the African race who are trying hard to escape from it, seeking their identity with a white people -- any white people. And we have said, "Let them go!" The only thing we object to, and will fight to the end, is the attempt to program the whole race again on a march away from itself or allow them to remain as leaders of the same people from which they wish to flee." ("The Destruction of Black Civilization," Chancellor Williams, pages 337-338).
{The blackizers are placing Black faces on white lies and selling them to our children – J. Pezant}

EXAMPLE: At the present, the most common example of blackizing are the popular statues and posters of a Black Santa Claus that pop up in the Black communities during the Christmas Holiday Seasons. However one of the most shocking examples of blackizing resides in the recent attempt by Negroes to claim King James I of England, a bona-fide European, renown for the King James Version Bible, as BLACK. What is most shocking about this recent claim is the fact that King James I of England was authentically European in likeness, word, and deed: a pedophile who enjoyed sex with small boys while bathed in animals blood. The Negro attempts to claim such an unsavory figure as their own illustrates dramatically their propensity to blackize.
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