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The change in attitude presented by any member of the african-american community who switches from being a normal person to being a super Obama liberal.
1.) Since the 2008 election, suddenly acts like being "BLACK" means they are superior to others.
2.) Flips out when anybody says anything about how Obama is running things.
3.) Thinks that Obama is the manifestation of Jesus come to give them their heavenly rewards for the suffering they have personaly endured at the hands of the "white devils."
4.) Belives that the duty of all "Black" people is to subjegate "WHITE" people into the same state of submision as their ancestors endured as slaves.
5.) Should recieve monetary compensation from people living to day to recompence for the loss of earnings by enslaved ancestors hundreds of years ago.
6.) Thinks that "wellfair" is part of that entitlement and should be a "right."
7.) Beats people verbaly over the head about their "RIGHTS" when things don't go their way or don't get what they want.
8.) Start using words and lables like "RACIST" or "DISCRIMINATION" or "civil rights violation" as a weapon to silence others of differing opinion.
9.) Thinks they are masters of the current political environment but reveal they are ignorant of the reality of events in government when they open their mouth and speak.(Also are ofter painfuly ignorant of what "civil rights" are or what affirmative action is or does to companies.
10.) Totaly buys the current administrations claims that they are going to fix everything, hook, lie, and stinker.
Worker to other co-worker:
(WHISPERING) "Hey joe! There goes Jamal! What an ass he has turned into lately."
(CHUCKLING) "Yeah, ever since Obama won, er..stole the election he has been going around like the BLACK-ANOINTED! Nobody likes being around him. He's so hostle now!"
"Yeah, just give him the silent treatment or he'll scream racist and get you in trouble with the boss."
"Let's boogie outta' here before he sees us and trys to school us by spouting more of his lib crap."
by armoroid 5000 July 28, 2009
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