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A woman with a female "savior syndrome" that dates people in a bad place them builds them up as "mr perfect" until he grows stronger and asserts himself as a man, but still loves her. Once the black widow knows her pray is built up as a man. She crushes him no matter how much he loves her because she wants to feel like someone needs her and that she is responsible for everything he has. She feels inclined to make people perfect to compensate for there own flaws and in turn makes herself a controlling manipulative bitch. She will date people that are douchey or in a low place so watch out if your heart is for the taking. "She will eat you alive"

Ex: dude I swear this girl had good intentions and wanted me to succeed but only used me for her own personal gain thursforth fucking with my heart and using me as a pawn in her own personal chess game....she's a colossal BLACK WIDOW BITCH
Ex:2 That black widow bitch just used me to compensate for her own personal failures she's useless to society and a poison in the hearts of all man stay away from her she'll turn u into a puppet and try to consume your soul
by gavintaketa December 02, 2014
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