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In sixties UK Jamaican Rudeboys, british Mods and Rudeboys grew up, lived and worked in the same areas and listened to the same music,mostly Ska and Reggae. This spawned the Original Skinhead Culture, which in the Beginning was not racist but apolitical and centered mostly around Football and music. Many Skinheads were Black Jamaican Immigrant Kids and Skinhead Gangs incorporating both, white and black members were not uncommon. Laurel Aitken, musical Idol and known as ''Boss Skinhead'' considered himself a black Skinhead and wrote the eponymous song ''Skinhead'' as a tribute to the scene.

Later with the Ska revival and the rise of Hardcore-Punk many second generation Punk Kids adapted a Skinhead-look. Today there are still black people in the Hardcore Punk and traditionalist Ska and Reggae scene who consider themselves Skinheads.
In conclusion,we can say that Laurel Aitken has been the most important figure of ska music.Also, he was the first black skinhead that was recognised, because in the 60ยดs being a black skinhead was considered wrong.
by zabd May 18, 2016
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A black who doesnt like most modern general African american culture. Can be slightly racist towards american blacks. Alot of modern day black celebrities couls qualifie to be labled as black skinheads, most obvious of which would be Tyler,the creator (he is a non-racist). Kanye West also has a song about black skinheads, named Blkkk Skkkn-head, which points out a few black skinhead-type things.
Regular rapper : money, versace, drugs and bitches are my thing nigga you know whatsup
Black skinhead type rapper : Yo i just rap about any shit i feel like rapping, i aint about that life nigga
by None of your buisness nigga January 07, 2014
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