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The Black September Organization
A bunch of Arabian terror-tards who caused the Munich-massacre in 1972(as seen in the movie Munich)
where 11 Israeli athletes were taken hostage at the Olympic games and all murdered
plus a German officer too.
Because they wanted to have 234 Egyptians released.
A list of great achievements:

* November 28, 1971: the assassination of Jordan's prime minister, Wasfi Tel, in retaliation for the expulsion of the PLO from Jordan in 1970-71;
* December 1971: attempted assassination of Zeid al Rifai, Jordan's ambassador to London and former chief of the Jordanian royal court;
* February 1972: sabotage of a West German electrical installation and a Dutch gas plant;
* May 1972: hijacking of a Belgian aircraft, Sabena Flight 572, flying from Vienna to Lod.
* March 1, 1973: attack on the Saudi embassy in Khartoum, killing Cleo Noel, United States Chief of Mission to Sudan, George Curtis Moore, the US Deputy Chief of Mission to Sudan, and Guy Eid, the Belgian chargΓ© d'affaires to Sudan (see main article: Khartoum diplomatic assassinations).
"Hey lets just kill some innocent israeli's to get my some d00ds i don't give a sit about outta prison and die trying"
"Sure d00d"
"Now Lets Call the rest of the fuck-tards from black september and make the worst organized plan ever"
by Som gy January 21, 2007
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The terrorist organization that killed the Isrealis in Munich. All members were killed in brutal, horrifc, tragic, and dealy attacks.
I bust a cap in yo ass, black september.
by Muhammed Akmed Abdul Jamar January 14, 2007
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